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since 1974


An island in the
middle of the sea

On the Romagna Apennines, in Modigliana,
an artist drew the hills where the vineyards are located, a naïve painter mixed the earth
to make the colour, and an ancient sculptor modelled the grapes.

Here, Ronchi di Castelluccio was started in the 1970s, and was the first quality wine experience
in Romagna from single vineyard.

The breeze from the Adriatic Sea caresses the dense forest vegetation that grows on land formed millions of years ago with the calcification of sands (sandstone) and clays (marl), visible to the naked eye.
When the fog covers the Valle Acerreta,
the tops of the hills appear like islets, creating an incredible spectacle.

An enological

The ronchi, from which the wines take their name, are pieces of land of one hectare or so, reclaimed from the woods and surrounded by rich vegetation to allow the vines to absorb all the nutrients of the earth.

The result is extraordinary, unconventional and timeless wines: the Ronchi.
The Sangiovese and Sauvignon Blanc grapes are processed in the cellar using the old methods of the past, combined with today’s knowledge.

Ronchi di Castelluccio is the story of the rebirth of an oenological legend thanks to the ambition of the brothers Aldo and Paolo Rametta, who took up this challenge with courage and innovative spirit in 2020.

The collection

Buco del prete

Romagna DOC
sangiovese Modigliana


Rubicone I.G.T

Ronco dei ciliegi

Romagna DOC
Sangiovese Modigliana

Ronco del re

Colli di faenza DOC
Sauvignon bianco


Romagna Sangiovese
Superiore DOC


Rubicone I.G.T
Sauvignon blanc


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Modigliana (FC) Italy
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